A board year at the MAA gives you the chance to further develop your professional and leadership skills, expand your network, to be in close contact with companies and to discover what you are capable of. All of this while managing an entire student organization!

Interested in a MAAgical year and being part of the 2017-2018 MAA board?
Find more information about a board year at the MAA here.

Board 2015-2016

Chairman: Bob Bouwhuis
Internal Affairs: Anne-Sofie de Lange
External Affairs: Sabine Buijsman
External Affairs: Femke Hofstee
Marketing: Wies Oudshoorn
Treasurer: Robert Schavemaker

Board 2014-2015

Chairman: Jeffrey Kuin
Internal Affairs: Fieke Ligthart
External Affairs: Jet van Stijp
External Affairs: Nikita Brix
Marketing: Stefan Roovers
Treasurer: Niels van den Broek

Board 2013-2014

Chairman: Denise Horsch
Internal Affairs: Lisa van Middelaar
External Affairs: Stephanie Hausel
External Affairs: Florence Moorman
Marketing: Bouke Loohuis
Treasurer: Bart Grouls

Board 2012-2013

Chairman: Marten van der Leest
Internal Affairs: Lizzy van Bussel
External Affairs: Manon Buitink
External Affairs: Amber van Veggel
Marketing: Debby Schippers
Treasurer: Rutger Weijer