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The Mindblowing Millenial: how to create a perfect work-life balance

Nowadays resumes seem to be top priority to students. Therefore, it’s important to do a lot of other activities next to your study program. In times where you are expected to be online on social apps 24/7, it is necessary to create a proper work-life balance! But how do you manage that? With these tips […]


Take your career beyond borders: There’s so much to explore in Lisbon!

Take your career beyond borders: There’s so much to explore in Lisbon! The capital of Portugal does not only offer much for the multitude of tourists; Lisbon has successfully emerged as a true entrepreneurial capital. With its special program and by creating excellent conditions for fostering SMEs, Lisbon is attracting a wide variety of entrepreneurs. […]


Millennials hard to reach? Not if you know how!

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are dealing with a lot of prejudices. They would be more narcissistic than other generations, prefer flexibility above stability and care more about idealism instead of earning money. But is this really true? Actually not.  Since a couple of years HR specialists, trendwatchers and consultants started to investigate this […]

The person behind a micro-influencer: Thomas Korver

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to micro-influencers;  an upcoming trend in marketing and communication. We explained you what a micro-influencer is and why they can be very useful for marketing campaigns. Yet, we have to discover who the human-being behind the term ‘micro-influencer’ really is. For this reason, we would like to […]

10​ ​tips​ ​to​ ​build​ ​awesome​ ​AdWords campaigns

Creating a new Google AdWords campaign is a thrilling experience—a mix of the excitement of building something new, the anxiety of its outcome, a fear of failure, and a hope for success. You really want to be sure everything is right before clicking the “Enable” button on a new campaign. In this guide, our friends […]

The construction industry: ready to innovate marketing

Last Thursday, the MAA had one of its biggest events of the year: the Amsterdam Marketing Event. While we enjoyed workshops and interesting meetings with recruiters, had our resume checked and had our new LinkedIn photo taken, we discovered a new trend in the world of marketing during the presentations of several companies: the construction […]