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The MAA is a career association for third-year’s bachelor and (pre-)master students interested in consultancy, marketing, management and communication.

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Emotional Engagement: A Marketing Essential

The exponential rise of the internet is posing a new set of challenges for today’s marketeers. For starters, present-day consumers are more well-informed than ever before. The vast amount of online resources have granted them access to all…

Careers Beyond Borders: Get to know us!

Hi there! I am Kathleen, a master’s business student at UvA and president of the Careers Beyond Borders committee of the MAA. I started studying at UvA this year and being a student from far far away (i.e., where Amsterdam people perceive…

My Experience At The Amsterdam Commercial Night

Although I had had a busy week, and university deadlines had been piling up on top of each other, I made sure I was able to attend the Amsterdam Commercial Night (ACN) event last week. Partially as a gesture of commitment as the MAA’s Chief…


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