Thank you for making time to tell us something about your interesting history with the MAA and your experience at Heineken of course.

How did you hear of the MAA?

I did my Bachelor’s in Maastricht, but I wanted to the Master’s of Marketing in Amsterdam. During college, there was a promotional chat about the MAA and I was thinking: ‘This seems really nice!’

And then?

I applied for the Activities Committee, which is responsible for the organization of the social events of the MAA such as the annual ski trip.  It was a great way to meet new people in Amsterdam.  After I finished my Master’s in Marketing, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I decided to do a board year at the MAA. I was responsible for the external affairs, a great way to learn a lot of new things.  After my board year, I was part of the Lustrum Committee, and now I’m still a part of the Alumni Committee.

Has the MAA helped you finding your first job at Heineken?

Definitely! At a recruitment lunch from the MAA I talked to someone from Heineken. At first I wasn’t really interested in working at Heikenen, but my mind changed during the lunch. So I did a business course, which was quite intensive but I finished it successfully and I started as a trainee. The MAA is a really great way to develop yourself professionally but also socially.

What is a traineeship at Heineken like?

During a traineeship you have to complete 3 different assignments. My first assignment was at the trade-marketing department of Heineken. I worked on the speaker beer crate, maybe you still remember that innovation. For my second assignment I went to Surinam for 5 months and worked for Parbo beer.  I returned to the Netherlands for my last assignment at the marketing department and worked on a strategy to introduce Apple Bandit Cider. All in all, 3 interesting assignments!

What did you do after your traineeship?

During my traineeship I came to the conclusion that I really like marketing and it seemed appealing to me to manage one brand all by myself.  This brought me a lot freedom. I started working for Sourcy. Together with my colleagues we developed the ‘Vol Nederlands Karaketer’  TV commercial. Additionally, we introduce the new Sourcy products: water with all kind of fruit tastes.

You can check out the TV commercial Florence developed here:

This year, I’m responsible for Crystal Clear. This is a totally different brand, but also great to work for!  We’re focusing on the online market by making use of data-driven marketing strategies.  For instance, we focus on how we can reach person X with what kind of content.

What is it like to work at Heineken?

Of course, you learn a lot on a professional level. But is also really fun to work at Heineken! There a lot of social events like an annual ski trips and drinks.

Finally, do you have some tips for students looking for a first job?

It is really important to go to in house days and do for instance a business course. This gives the opportunity to get a realistic feeling of what it is like to work at a certain company.

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Written by Leonie Douma