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Happy Turkey Day!

Today, on the last Thursday of November, America celebrates the end of the bloody conflict between the native Indians and the newcomers from Europe. They had dinner together and ate Turkey, and that’s how Thanksgiving became Turkey Day. The festivities have escalated massively since. Moms are posed up in the kitchen from 7am until dinner […]


Foodsy – the Massive Media Mess

The impact of social media is mind-blowing for quite some time already. I am quite sure that you can all think of a funny or emotional Facebook post, video, request, or complaint that went viral. Within only a few hours, these statements receive loads of likes and comments, everyone having an opinion about it. So […]

How to create a campaign for non-charming products: The Squatty Potty

The Squatty-Potty, a innovative product concerning the activity that most of us are uncomfortable talking about: a visit to the porselin stool. A difficult product for marketing, you would think, because pooping is usually not a topic of discussion. Nevertheless, Squatty-Potty made an immense succes out of a icecream pooping unicorn.The video now has 6 […]

Marketing Angels

Recently an emotionally controversial event, namely the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, dominated prime-time television (in the States – unfortunately we will have to wait until December 15 to watch the complete show in Holland). For a few hours, we watch beautiful women with perfect bodies rock the runway in all kinds of lingerie, wings and […]

War in Context

KNGF is naturally known for the help their guide dogs offer blind people. If someone says KNGF,  the link with guide dogs is quickly made. Everyone knows them: they’re cute, courageous and careful companions. And I mean, who doesn’t like this face? (excuse the dutch) Still, how many people forget about this ad within the […]