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Ugh, Another Valentine’s Day Blog.

Opinions about Valentine’s Day seem to be extremely polarized. Those in relationships cannot pass up the opportunity to embrace the holiday, while those who are single are quick to point out the superficiality of the corporate holiday. I know what you are thinking, another cynical rant about a holiday created for people looking for fulfillment […]


Society vs. the Naked Body

When does posting a photo on Instagram cross the line? Is it the perception of the person sharing the images, or is it the perception of the followers? Instagram as you all know is a social media platform where individuals can share images of whatever they like… with some restrictions of course. However, when is […]

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From Marketing Students to Exploring the Dutch Entrepreneurship Around the World

We are recent marketing graduates and proud MAA members. Last year, we met each other while organizing the MAA Student Start-Up Battle. We had so much fun organizing this two-day event, that we were a bit disappointed when it ended. We graduated, we are officially no longer students anymore: time for the real adult life! But not for us.. we still […]

Dare to be Different

PepsiCo, Storymail, and Heineken. The much-anticipated Amsterdam Commercial night hosted three very different companies, each representing their own distinctive brands. All of which demonstrated the ways in which their advertising strategies and campaigns dare to be different. The impressionable and unique Vondelkerk was the perfect location to set the tone for an evening of stimulating […]

‘Matt Sleeps’ experience marketing goes Viral

It would be hard to believe if someone said they haven’t heard about the Matt Hangover Bar yet. The Hangover bar was an initiative by ‘Matt Sleeps’, a mattress company based out of Amsterdam. The initiative not only went viral in The Netherlands, but also in other countries such as the UK. The video about […]