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Interview Holland House Colombia

Jan Willem van Bokhoven – Holland House Some time ago we had the opportunity to interview Jan Willem van Bokhoven, who has been active in the Dutch-Latin American business for over 15 years. He is director of the Holland House in Colombia; an organization that functions as a public-private intermediate to promote trade and investment, […]

Colombia’s growing presence on the international fresh produce market

In recognition of Colombia’s growing presence on the international fresh produce markets, we shine a light on Colombia as an emerging supplier to global markets and one of the continent’s most dynamic produce markets. Colombia’s growing fruit and vegetable industry The country is rapidly becoming an attractive source of high-quality fruits and vegetables for the […]

Peace gives Colombian coffee an extra boost

“BOOSTING THE OUTPUT” Farmers who fled war in the Colombian Andes are returning to revive their abandoned land, cultivating coffee trees that are boosting global supplies of the highest-quality arabica beans. A peace deal between the government and the rebel Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in late 2016 paved the way for many coffee […]

High stakes for Colombia as election year begins

The New Year is upon us and the January editorial is always one of the most difficult, as getting back into a writing mode after the Christmas holiday requires plenty of stamina. But Colombians are a resilient lot having dealt with the vicissitudes of 2017, from tax reform to a post-conflict. This year will be […]