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The Mindblowing Millennial: Rewind on resolutions

It seems like a while ago, but we are just getting started with the new year. Did you also make New Year’s resolutions, and did you stick to them? If you didn’t succeed in keeping them up, read these tips on how to make sure your 2018 will be a healthy year, still starting this […]

The Mindblowing Millennial: Clues for concentration

Studying in the library for the upcoming exams at the moment? Trying to put all your energy into these tests before you’ll enjoy the Christmas holidays? In that case, you might want to read this article.  With these tips on concentration, you’ll make sure that you’ll use your study time efficiently! 1. Shut down social […]


Take your career beyond borders: There’s so much to explore in Lisbon!

Take your career beyond borders: There’s so much to explore in Lisbon! The capital of Portugal does not only offer much for the multitude of tourists; Lisbon has successfully emerged as a true entrepreneurial capital. With its special program and by creating excellent conditions for fostering SMEs, Lisbon is attracting a wide variety of entrepreneurs. […]


Millennials hard to reach? Not if you know how!

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are dealing with a lot of prejudices. They would be more narcissistic than other generations, prefer flexibility above stability and care more about idealism instead of earning money. But is this really true? Actually not.  Since a couple of years HR specialists, trendwatchers and consultants started to investigate this […]