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SOLVE Consultancy searches you!

As the MAA focuses on encouraging students to bridge the gap between their studies and career in a productive way, we’re here with an aMAAzing opportunity for dutch-speaking students interested in consultancy!    Introducing SOLVE Consulting: a student association who’s currently providing dutch-speaking students the opportunity to become a student consultant! Their main focus as […]

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Inside The AME Committee: Interviewing Anneloes

As the deadline for committee applications is approaching – and you may still be unsure as to whether you should apply for a committee or not – we’ve decided to give you the inside scoop on what it’s like to be part of an MAA committee, from a committee member herself! We’ve asked Anneloes – […]

Why would you go to an in-house day?

Let’s give you some more insights about our in-house days! The past year we’ve held several in-house days at different companies. Some of our partners provide an in-house day annually for our members, and sometimes we find interesting new companies that see the benefits of organizing an in-house day. But what is an in-house day […]

Insights of a committee member

Why joining a committee was a great decision by Romy Boer We’ve probably all heard it several times: students in this day and age have it all! And are just spoiled and lazy, back in the days we really had to work hard, people used to have character, blah blah blah… But if this is […]

Why to do a board year?

4 Reasons to do a board year! 1. Developing yourself It may sound like a cliche, but well cliches are based on some truth. Of course your book knowledge is important, gaining a degree in a specific subject or direction is the base of your career. But really managing and coordinating people is not what […]

Neuromarketing, what is it?

Neuromarketing, what is it? by Romy Boer The term “neuromarketing” is growing in popularity. Advertising agencies everywhere market one of their unique selling points to be “the usage of neuromarketing” – but what does this fancy term actually entail? When I hear the term neuro, the first thing that I think of is difficult brain […]