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10​ ​tips​ ​to​ ​build​ ​awesome​ ​AdWords campaigns

Creating a new Google AdWords campaign is a thrilling experience—a mix of the excitement of building something new, the anxiety of its outcome, a fear of failure, and a hope for success. You really want to be sure everything is right before clicking the “Enable” button on a new campaign. In this guide, our friends […]

The construction industry: ready to innovate marketing

Last Thursday, the MAA had one of its biggest events of the year: the Amsterdam Marketing Event. While we enjoyed workshops and interesting meetings with recruiters, had our resume checked and had our new LinkedIn photo taken, we discovered a new trend in the world of marketing during the presentations of several companies: the construction […]

Micro influencers: where and what to look for?

Perhaps you have already heard of it: micro influencers. It’s an upcoming marketing trend; more and more micro influencers successfully providing brands a platform for their audience. With micro influencers it’s not about reaching as many people as possible, but reaching the right ones. Using them for a campaign is an effective way to improve […]

MAA Alumni Rises to the Challenge at Advidi

Advidi affiliate managers Patrick and Marlou at a major marketing conference in Berlin ____________________________________________________________________________________________ When MAA alumni Patrick Spruit was close to graduating, he felt a bit lost and wondered what was next for him. “I kept going to MAA open house days at different companies… they were all great, but nothing really called my name,” […]

Graduated: Yeeaah! And F***, What Now?!

Years and years of hard work all led to this moment.. I graduated!! The feeling of joy and relief slightly blends into a feeling of insecurity and fear. What now?! During the past years, working always seemed so far away, but now, there are some life changing decisions that have to be made… The world […]


Hilti meets MAA

Hilti, the global market leader as supplier of construction, arranged a great informal program to get to know the MAA members better. For 50 years they are growing harder than the economy does, because at Hilti they believe in a unique approach. During the boat trip a couple of employees from Hilti explained a bit more about […]