BOARD 2018 – 2019

Direct a career association for third year bachelor and (pre)master students with an interest in management, consultancy, marketing, and communication.

Interested in doing a board year and require more information? Stop by at room REC E1.24, have a coffee with us or contact Want to apply for a position in the board of 2019-2020? Send a e-mail to with your motivation and CV.

  • Leadership

    Manage, innovate and coordinate. Challenge yourself and be responsible for an entire organization.

  • Training

    Improve your skills. Discover your qualities and find out what you are capable of. Learn from yourself and surpass yourself.

  • Network

    Expand your professional and social network. Get in touch with educational, inspiring and meaningful people to build your future.

BOARD 2018 – 2019


Lex Ditzel

The Chairman of the board is ultimately responsible for the functioning of the MAA and is, therefore, the face of the association to the outside world. The Chairman focuses on managing and developing the MAA in the short and long term. He is in contact with the external stakeholders and the internal members as well. The Chairman has an overview, initiates meetings and supports the other board-members, in their function and personal development. Besides that, the Chairman coordinates the International Research Project and represents the association within the Marketing Association of the Netherlands. The Chairman position is very dynamic; every day is different with new challenges. Do you want to know more about the position of Chairman or about the MAA? Don’t hesitate to contact Lex!  

Being Chairman of the MAA offers me the possibility to be responsible for a big organization, which makes me really enthusiastic. In this position I will develop my managing, leadership and several other skills. Besides that, it increases your social and professional network a lot. I’m very excited for this year!

Vice – Chairman

Paloma Bunck

The Vice-Chairman acts within two positions, the treasurer and the secretary, and therefore has several responsibilities. To name a few, the Vice-Chairman is responsible for the recruitment of all committees (together with the career officer), all internal affairs concerning members and alumni, the Vice-Chairman sends out official correspondence and acts as a notary, and coordinates the Careers Beyond Borders committee. In addition, the Vice-
Chairman is responsible for the budget, financial reports and all expenses. The Vice-Chairman monitors the budget for all committees and continuously stays informed about all expenses within the association. All in all, a function with a wide range of responsibilities and activities.

I am really excited about the upcoming year! I hope to further expand my knowledge regarding financials and to further develop my professional skills. In addition, I hope to make it an enjoyable year for all of our members and continue to learn from each other!


Yacintha van der Zee

As guardian of the corporate identity of the MAA the Marketer is responsible for a convincing appearance and branding of the entire association. She can let your imagination run wild and learn how to work with different programs to optimize textual and visual expressions in the offline and online marketing. Be responsible for the strategy to grow the association in the number of members and ensure that all events are in top of mind among the relevant students.

I am very excited to manage the marketing of the MAA next year together with my right hand the Media & Branding committee. I am sure that I will learn a lot during the next academic school year and that I will further develop my professional me immensely.


Evi van der Meer &
Gisèle van Middelaar

There are two board members responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with the business partners of the MAA and are therefore the link between the companies and the MAA members. Sales always search for new inspiring companies that could be interesting when it comes to creating career opportunities for our members. We also aim for excellent long lasting partnerships for the MAA and ensure the continuity of these partnerships. Besides this, we coordinate all the recruitment related events that are organized by the MAA during the year.

We are eager to create new collaborations and since we are sharing the sales position we are expecting to learn a lot from each other and work together as a close team. Would you like to know more about the sales position? Contact us!

Career Officer

Daan Verburg

This year a new position was introduced to the board, namely the Career Officer. The Career Officer will take up on different tasks from the previous Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Marketer. He will for instance manage the recruitment of new committee- and board members together with the Vice-Chairman. Thereby, he is responsible for all the contact with UvA and VU. Another task that the Career Officer performs is the Career Hub. The Career Officer will let the Career Hub grow by connected more students to their potential future employers.