BOARD 2020 – 2021

BOARD MEMBERS 2020 – 2021

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Sanne Schoenmakers

As the current chairman of the MAA board, I am responsible for the functioning of the MAA. This also means that I am the face of the association to external stakeholders. As the chairman, I focus on the management and development of the MAA in both the short term and long term. Apart from being the face of the association to external stakeholders, I am also in contact with the internal and external stakeholders of the MAA. I keep an overview of all operations and activities of the MAA, initiate meetings and support the other MAA board members in different ways. Besides that, I would normally be the coordinator of the International Research Project (IRP) and the representative of the association in the Marketing Association of the Netherlands (MAN). My function as the chairman is very dynamic, which means that there are different challenges and insights every day.

“Leading and representing an organization like the MAA offers a lot of great opportunities and learnings. As chairman, I”ll be able to improve my soft skills together with the expansion of my network. Besides this, I’ll have the opportunity to help my fellow board members in achieving their goals in their function and have them help in mine. If there are any questions you have related to the MAA committees, my function or anything else please reach out to me!”


Jessie Igir

The Vice-Chairman acts within two positions: the secretary and the treasurer, bringing along various responsibilities. To name a few, the Vice-Chairman is responsible for all internal affairs concerning members and alumni, sending out official correspondence, acting as a notary, and recruiting new committee members (together with the career officer).

In addition, the Vice-Chairman is responsible for the budget, financial reports and all expenses. To ensure the MAA’s budget is efficiently and effectively managed, she coordinates the treasurers and secretaries of all the committees. She also coordinates three other committees: The Careers Beyond Borders committee and the Alumni Ambassadors. All in all, a function with a wide range of responsibilities and activities.

“I am looking forward to an exciting year with a lot of fun and joy. Cannot wait to meet the lovely members and companies and I am eager to develop myself on my personal skills as well as my professional skills. Together with the other board members and the members of the association, we will make an incredible year with great experiences! Do not hesitate if you have any questions regarding my position and the association, just send me a message or drop by the office.”

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Marketing officer

Sterre Hoek

The Marketeer of the MAA is responsible for a coherent and connective appearance of the association in the online and offline environment. The Marketeer establishes an optimal marketing strategy to approach students and connecting them to the MAA. The Marketeer coordinates the Media & Branding committee that focuses on the online promotion of the association. Besides, the Marketeer coordinates marketeers of all other committees.

“During this board year, my main goal is to increase brand awareness for MAA which leads to more reach on all our social media platforms! I like to improve the overall visual design and implement a clear new communication structure for all the committees. My challenge this year is to find new ways to spread good word of mouth about the MAA. This will be different in a time when social contact is minimal. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask”

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Maurice Gérard &
Noortje Danckaarts

Two of our board members are responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with the business partners of the MAA. They are the first link between the companies and the MAA.

‘As a sales duo we are always looking for inspiring companies to cooperate with. Together we can create interesting career opportunities for our members. We believe in building quality long lasting partnerships. Partnerships that strengthen both the MAA as well as the companies we work with. Next, we will coordinate the recruitment events that will take place this year. The current situation creates new challenges, we are eager to tackle these challenges and succeed in organizing inspiring events. As a duo we will develop our weaknesses and combine our strengths to have a successful year. Would you like to know more about the sales position or interested in working together?
Contact us!’

Direct a career association for third year bachelor and (pre)master students with an interest in management, consultancy, marketing, and communication.

  • Leadership

    Manage, innovate and coordinate. Challenge yourself and be responsible for an entire organization.

  • Training

    Improve your skills. Discover your qualities and find out what you are capable of. Learn from yourself and surpass yourself.

  • Network

    Expand your professional and social network. Get in touch with educational, inspiring and meaningful people to build your future.