Let’s give you some more insights about our in-house days!
By Jasper Wolff

The past year we’ve held several in-house days at different companies. Some of our partners provide an in-house day annually for our members, and sometimes we find interesting new companies that see the benefits of organizing an in-house day. But what is an in-house day exactly? What do you do or learn at an in-house day? And more importantly, what is in it for you?

An in-house day starts ofcourse with an announcement on our social media pages, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. But you can also find our in-house days on the event page of our website. When a new in-house day is announced, the applications come in rapidly. The company who’s organizing the in-house day receives the resumes of the interested students, to see which students fits the most with their industry and positions they provide. Did you by the way know, that on our bigger events you can let your resume checked by professional recruiters?

When you are picked for your beloved in-house day you will get an invitation for the day that might be of big importance for your future career. An in-house day starts with a warm welcome of the hosting company. Well experienced professionals will tell you about the history, the purpose, the activities and the goals of the company. They are really good in making students enthusiastic about their company, even when you didn’t knew much about the company in the first place. Out of experience I can tell you, I went to an in-house day of a sales company, which isn’t really my cup of tea. I went there by the way because of the committee that I work for, but even in the end I was enthusiastic about sales. So, in-house days help you figure out what companies might of interest for you, even if you in the beginning didn’t think they would.

After the introduction and the story about the company and its culture most often they provide a case or an exercise that you have to solve within a team. It helps that you work in a team, just like you would do in working life, and this way you get to know other MAA members that you will probably see on other events as well. Hereafter, you have to present your solution, and at all the in-house days I went to, the winners always got a nice price. Of course that is not what you are doing it for, but it is a nice bonus. The real reason why you want to present the best case solution is to impress the hosts. See it as a small job interview, where you want to be the best to get the job. You might even get a job or internship offer at the end of the day.

Because to be honest, that is exactly what an in-house day is for. You as a student might be interested in the company. You want to know more about how it is to be working for the particular company. You may also want to broaden your network in the professional field, or you went there with a mission to get a job or internship offer. And that is exactly the reason why these companies want to work with the MAA. To recruit ambitious, intelligent and motivated students, just like you, for their open applications. So a big win-win situation.

Got excited for the next in-house day? Have a look at our event page to see which in-house day is interesting for you!

4 Reasons to do a board year!

By Jasper Wolff

1. Developing yourself
It may sound like a cliche, but well cliches are based on some truth. Of course your book knowledge is important, gaining a degree in a specific subject or direction is the base of your career. But really managing and coordinating people is not what you can learn out of a book. These are skills that you will learn during your board year and this will benefit you the rest of your life. Thereby comes that you learn how to deal with responsibilities, deadlines and working in groups. You do not only learn particular skills but most importantly you learn about yourself. How do you function in a group, what role do you take and what are your own qualities.

2. Broadening your network
Yes it is said to be important very often. A network is key to get a job, because your network can always tip you on good job offers or put in a good word for you. But also, networking can be time consuming, difficult and sometimes a little bit awkward. When doing a board year you just overcome all these difficulties. While being the board of the MAA you attend many events, drinks and are in contact with all the committees and members. You get close with your fellow board members, find new friends within the MAA members and committees and even broaden your network with companies that you meet at the events. Networking does not have to be awkward when it is basically socializing with friends that have the same interests and ambitions as you have.

3. Boosting your resume
You can be very proud of your bachelor or masters degree. Yes you have been working hard for it and you do have a lot of knowledge now about a certain topic. However, so do all your fellow students. Standing out of the crowd means that you need something extra that is also relevant. Nothing better boosts your resume than a board year! Being able to say that you have coordinated a company with over 800 members, coordinated committees and set up some incredible events, is not something that everybody has got on their resume. If you want to be one step, or five steps, ahead of the other applicants a board year is just perfect.

4. Lots of fun
Besides all the serious stuff of developing yourself, networking and preparing for the adult livelihood, doing a board year also consists of a lot of fun activities. Every month the MAA organizes drinks at our favorite pub, Bar Jones. The board also attends the Career Beyond Borders event, where you will fly to a European country with around 15 members and visit some aMAAzing companies, do some sightseeing and party the whole night for five days. And of course the board needs some rest sometimes so a great tradition is the board holiday trip. A trip for just the board members, with which you have been working really hard. A well deserved relaxing trip with your close board members.

Why you should not miss the opportunity to go to Dublin with the MAA.

Dublin, named Europe’s “friendliest city” twice by Tripadvisor, will be this years’ Careers Beyond Borders destination! If that, and the opportunity to meet various companies abroad during a 5-day stay is not convincing enough already, here are 7 highlights of aMAAzing Dublin;

1. You cannot call yourself a real student if you don’t indulge in a couple of beers every now and then. Well, when it comes to beer, the Irish really challenge you with their famous Guinness, which originally comes from… yes you guessed it DUBLIN! You can visit Arthur Guinness brewery at St. James’s Gate yourself!

2. While you are enjoying your beer, do not forget to look around, or perhaps walk around, as Dublin is known for its beautiful scenery; mountains, forests, lakes and parks, you name it. Dublin has it!

3. After finishing your beer and walk, you can enjoy Dublin’s great music scene, they are well known for having many live music options! You can find most of these bars at the always lively area “Temple Bar”.

4. For those who’ve enjoyed their beer a bit to much, no need to worry! You can always ask for god’s forgiveness when visiting one of the two gorgeous cathedrals; St. Patricks and Christ Church.

5. And of course you will be craving some good food, which luckily Dublin is well known for too! it is known for its contemporary dining. As there are said to be about 70 million Irish people all over the world, many of them have returned to Dublin with their new discovered flavours, and they are not afraid to be innovative and creative with their menus! Resulting in a very cutting-edge and constantly evolving food scene.

6. Dublin is even a great place to get some much needed study motivation, as they have one of the most magical libraries in Europe, which you can visit at Trinity College.

7. To add some spice to your trip and to make sure you will stay on track; make sure to visit the abandoned prison “Kilmainham Gaol”. You will be informed of the very interesting history of this prison during your tour.

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