Hi there! I am Kathleen, a master’s business student at UvA and president of the Careers Beyond Borders committee of the MAA. I started studying at UvA this year and being a student from far far away (i.e., where Amsterdam people perceive my precious Utrecht to be), I didn’t know many people or places in Amsterdam yet. To become part of the UvA culture, I already knew that I wanted to become an active member of the MAA by joining a committee. During the semester’s introduction at the beginning of the year, all study associations were presenting themselves at the information market, and the MAA board told me about the different committees that were looking for members. I was surprised by how many different committees they offered, both professionally orientated committees like the Company Speeddate or Recruitment event, as well as more socially oriented committees like the Lustrum and Careers Beyond Borders. Since I have a passion for traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people, and pursuing an international career, I immediately got enthusiastic about the CBB.


The Careers Beyond Borders committee organizes a networking event for ambitious and internationally oriented business/marketing students from UvA, VU and Nyenrode University. One thing I love about Amsterdam’s student life is how international it is, with a large amount of international students coming in every semester. This is also why the CBB committee appealed to me mostly; it would mean working together with international students and companies. The CBB offers the best of both worlds: it is socially orientated (25 students having fun in a foreign city) and professionally orientated (building international connections abroad). This year we will go to Berlin and visit a variety of interesting companies. Both well-known companies that everyone knows, as well as smaller start-ups are eager to meet us. It is great for networking with companies outside the Dutch borders while exploring another city at the same time. Since we’ll spend five days there, we’ll have plenty of time for socializing with fellow students and experiencing both the professional German daily life as well as the exciting Berlin nightlife. 

One thing I am really grateful for is my fellow CBB committee members. We are a team of seven amazing people and have happily been working hard to make this trip a great success! I am looking forward to meeting all the new people that are joining for the trip. I know we will all have a blast together and get inspired by the companies we will visit. It will be a rewarding pay-off for all the hard work the CBB has put into preparing the trip. We are just a couple of weeks ahead now from the CBB 2020 kick-off to Berlin and I honestly can’t wait! There still are some last free spots available, so I would definitely encourage all students who have not signed up yet to do so. This trip will be a valuable contribution to both your academic and career orientation and international business network as to your social life, meeting new people and explore Berlin together! Check out the CBB event on facebook for more information.

As the MAA focuses on encouraging students to bridge the gap between their studies and career in a productive way, we’re here with an aMAAzing opportunity for dutch-speaking students interested in consultancy! 


Introducing SOLVE Consulting: a student association who’s currently providing dutch-speaking students the opportunity to become a student consultant! Their main focus as a consultancy association is on enhancing the corporate social responsibility of NGO’s and for-profit companies all around the Netherlands. Although founded a short 10 years ago, they have already: completed over 100 client projects; expanded to Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Rotterdam; obtained affiliation agreements with several Dutch research universities; and secured partnerships with companies such as Deloitte and Berenschot. Needless to say, they are established.


As an association created by students (and for students), they anticipate your needs and provide accordingly; whether it be opportunities for personal growth, or the need for a work/life/study balance – they’ve got you covered! As a student consultant for SOLVE, you participate in consultant trainings and workshops from top consulting firms. During those instructive sessions, you learn a wide array of information useful for your professional career. “The trainings and workshops teach things such as consultancy methods, management training, and communication styles.” explain the board members of SOLVE. You then use those learnt skills and apply them to a real-life consultancy case. Although this may seem demanding, SOLVE ensures that you never work more than 8 hours a week on these projects. In this way, you get a sense of what being a consultant is like, while still being able to enjoy life as a student! 


The consultancy cases differ in content as well as duration. The length of a project can vary between 6 weeks and 15 weeks, depending on the complexity and requirements of the case. Yet, as a student consultant, you can choose to only contribute to projects that appeal to your areas of interest, allowing you to acquire knowledge and expertise in your desired field. Recent examples of SOLVE’s projects include working with Verstegen (think: your favourite spices and sauces!); wherein they collaborated to find ways in which the company could improve their corporate social responsibility. They also worked with Universitair Asiel Fonds (UAF) – an organization focused on finding suitable employment for refugee students and professionals – conducting an impact analysis on their campaign and its influence on their popularity.


These aren’t the only benefits of joining SOLVE, though. “While working on real cases, our consultants gain a lot of personal and business-related experience. They develop key competencies such as communication and analytical skills,” explain the board members, “SOLVE also helps orient students in the labour market, giving them the chance to find out if a job in the consultancy industry suits them.” 


Like the MAA, SOLVE cultivates a prime networking hub, allowing you to meet ambitious students from all disciplines, and hence establish a solid foundation for future career opportunities. “Our consultants consist of second and third year bachelor’s students, and master’s students, coming from all different study areas;” say the board members, “ we maintain a strong community by organising activities where consultants have the opportunity to connect with each other.” The driven nature of SOLVE’s student consultants is evident through their alumni, who are all pursuing fruitful careers – many of them in consultancy. “Some [alumni] work for big consultancy companies such as EY, PWC, Deloitte, and others work for smaller organisations.” affirm the board members. 


Suffice it to say, SOLVE Consulting is an all-encompassing stepping stone for students, guaranteeing both career and personal development. If you would like to gain experience in consultancy and work with motivated students from different study backgrounds, apply to become a student consultant for SOLVE by sending your CV, motivation letter, and grade list to hr.amsterdam@solve-consulting.nl before 7 October

Why you should not miss the opportunity to go to Dublin with the MAA.

Dublin, named Europe’s “friendliest city” twice by Tripadvisor, will be this years’ Careers Beyond Borders destination! If that, and the opportunity to meet various companies abroad during a 5-day stay is not convincing enough already, here are 7 highlights of aMAAzing Dublin;

1. You cannot call yourself a real student if you don’t indulge in a couple of beers every now and then. Well, when it comes to beer, the Irish really challenge you with their famous Guinness, which originally comes from… yes you guessed it DUBLIN! You can visit Arthur Guinness brewery at St. James’s Gate yourself!

2. While you are enjoying your beer, do not forget to look around, or perhaps walk around, as Dublin is known for its beautiful scenery; mountains, forests, lakes and parks, you name it. Dublin has it!

3. After finishing your beer and walk, you can enjoy Dublin’s great music scene, they are well known for having many live music options! You can find most of these bars at the always lively area “Temple Bar”.

4. For those who’ve enjoyed their beer a bit to much, no need to worry! You can always ask for god’s forgiveness when visiting one of the two gorgeous cathedrals; St. Patricks and Christ Church.

5. And of course you will be craving some good food, which luckily Dublin is well known for too! it is known for its contemporary dining. As there are said to be about 70 million Irish people all over the world, many of them have returned to Dublin with their new discovered flavours, and they are not afraid to be innovative and creative with their menus! Resulting in a very cutting-edge and constantly evolving food scene.

6. Dublin is even a great place to get some much needed study motivation, as they have one of the most magical libraries in Europe, which you can visit at Trinity College.

7. To add some spice to your trip and to make sure you will stay on track; make sure to visit the abandoned prison “Kilmainham Gaol”. You will be informed of the very interesting history of this prison during your tour.

If this made you excited, go to here and apply now.