Amsterdam Commercial Night Committee (ACN)

Amsterdam Commercial Night (ACN) is one of the biggest events of the MAA. It is aimed at anyone who is enthusiastic about marketing or advertisement. Speakers of inspiring companies will give their view about their advertising campaigns and high-profile commercials.

Every year the event is attended by students, alumni and creative marketing professionals in Amsterdam. Within last year’s theme: ‘Champions of Change’, T-Mobile, Hallmark and GroupM gave inspiring presentations for more than 200 students in the Posthoorn Church. 

The Amsterdam Commercial Night committee exists of 5 people:

  • The Chairman. She is responsible for the flow of the committee. Making sure that everyone knows what to do and to remain their planning is her job. The Chairman always leads the meetings.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for all the money that goes into the budget. The treasurer loves numbers. Additionally, the treasurer also is the contact person for the participants. The treasurer will keep lists of participants and sends out e-mails to keep everyone up to date.
  • Sales. The Sales position is responsible that there are companies giving presentations at the event. Calling is a favorite for the Sales person and he does not take no for an answer. The Sales person is also responsible for the content for the goodie bags.
  • Marketing. The Marketeer of the Amsterdam Commercial Night makes sure that students and alumni are aware of the existence of the event and its theme. The Marketeer will do this by creating posters, flyers, and by being active on the MAA’s social media platforms.
  • Event Planner. As the name already states, the Event Planner is the one planning the Event. You can think of making a planning for all the organizer, make sure there are enough seats for everyone, that there is a person welcoming the participants and the companies, that everyone has a drink, etc. Shortly, a lot of organizing.

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"Improve your leadership skills by managing a team".

Secretary / Treasurer

"Be responsible for the budget and the administrative tasks."


"Ensure the best attendance with the right marketing strategy."

2 x Sales

"Bring in the greatest corporates for your specific event theme."

Event Manager

"Manage in detail that this event runs smoothly."