Amsterdam Marketing Event Committee 2018.

Based on a current marketing theme a challenging program is composed for students in the last phase of their studies. The event contains a versatile full day program of interactive presentations, workshops, recruitment lunches and network drinks from leading companies.

Because of the diversity of partners contributing to this event, we offer students an opportunity to get in contact with different types of companies. This is an informal way to make the first contact with possible future employers. In the past, companies like L’Oréal, & Samhoud, IBM, Unilever and CocaCola joined our Marketing Event.

Interested in organizing this event in October 2018? Don’t hesitate and send your CV and motivation to vice-chairman@ma-amsterdam.nl or fill in the form below.


"Keep the team working together in harmony."


"Own the budget and supervise the registrations."


"Devise and develop a marketing strategy."

3 x Sales

"Step out of your comfort zone and create a professional network."

Event manager

"Prepare the event to the last detail and manage to run the day smoothly."

Apply for a vacant position in this committee

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