Personal development is a core value of the MAA. The Training & Development (T&D) committee organizes a number of training sessions and workshops throughout the year to prepare students for their professional business life. Potential themes for the workshops are personal branding, resume training or Photoshop. It is up to the committee which theme fits best for the time of year. This committee also organizes position-specific training sessions for active members to help them get the most out of the year.

Interested in organizing all our trainings of the upcoming academic year? Apply now before September 14th by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

1x Chairman

"Manage the strategy in a team full of creative people."

1x Treasurer

"Own the budget and supervise the registrations."

1x Marketeer

"Devise and develop a marketing strategy."

1x Sales

"Step out of your comfort zone and create a professional network."

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