dare-to-be-different-1PepsiCo, Storymail, and Heineken. The much-anticipated Amsterdam Commercial night hosted three very different companies, each representing their own distinctive brands. All of which demonstrated the ways in which their advertising strategies and campaigns dare to be different. The impressionable and unique Vondelkerk was the perfect location to set the tone for an evening of stimulating conversation among marketers, all while enjoying a handful of Doritos and a refreshing Heineken.

What distinguishes you from the competition? And, what is the future of advertising were among a few questions asked during the Amsterdam Commercial Night.

PepsiCo uses online influencers to captivate its audience

PepsiCo started the night off by presenting the Doritos’ bold flavor campaign, A or B. By developing a unique twist to previous campaigns, Doritos differentiated its brand by asking consumers to vote to ‘eliminate’ their least preferred flavor of Doritos. PepsiCo’s marketing team explained, “we devoted 60 percent on digital marketing allowing Doritos to socially construct a viral competition between flavor A and B that captivated millions online.” With Internet users as the target audience, Doritos used YouTube influencers as a major driving force of the campaign. YouTube influencers were able to effectively motivate their followers to cultivate interest in the Doritos campaign, demonstrating the power of digital marketing.

“Digital marketing must stay human”

Storymail presented itself as a personal video company that adopts video content based on their audience’s interests and location. Storymail’s Rogier Ros stated, “It’s all about making the customer’s journey as personal as possible, digital marketing must stay human. Providing relevant videos to our audience is the key message here.” In a digital environment where consumers are exposed to an immense amount of content online, relevance is certainly an issue. Storymail dares to be different by customizing videos with the right message, being sent at the right time, in the right form. Interested in learning about this process? See for yourself!


“Lager really is full of surprises”

Heineken’s beer market is not exactly as you would expect it. Did you know that the lager sales have been decreasing, while specialty and non-alcoholic beers are dominating the market? This is precisely why Heineken felt the need to reinvent its lager by releasing the H41, a new lager that is brewed from rare wild ‘mother yeast’. Heineken was adaptable, and proved that daring to be different can be an effective marketing strategy, when looking to revive a declining product.

Every year the Amsterdam Commercial Night provides a great opportunity for students to network over drinks, circulate their CV to potential employers, and reach out to the evening’s presenters and fellow marketers. Student’s commented on the high energy of the event, “the presenters were young and enthusiastic, the Pepsico team told an incredible story of how to engage customers. Not to mention the location was fantastic!”

After another very successful event we can surely be excited to see what will be in store for the coming years! In some ways the future of marketing appears to be clear. As seen with PepsiCo and Storymail, both companies have proven that digital marketing is the way of future. Yet, the creative nature of digital marketing remains crucial, proving that the best advertising campaigns must dare to be different.

Written by Alexandra Martin