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Date(s) - 7 mei
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After an aMAAzing year filled with lots of events to get in contact with your potential future employer, it is now time for the final step: getting the job! In order to prepare yourself for this in the best way possible, we now offer you the opportunity to choose from multiple trainings at our very first edition of the Career Preparation Day!

During this event you get the opportunity to choose two out of the three offered trainings, that will each help you to prepare for your upcoming job applications. The different trainings that we offer are e-assessment, elevator pitch and self-presentation. Each training will take 1,5 hour, with a break of twenty minutes in between. We will now present to you the trainings of which you can choose:

Our first training topic is ‘e-assessment’. A lot of job applications nowadays involve an e-assessment, which seems difficult, but practicing helps a lot. In this training from Careerstarter you will get a grip on the most common e-assessment elements. You might recognize this training, but due to high demand and it being an essential part of most job applications, this training can’t be missed at our event!

Our second training topic is ‘elevator pitch’. Also a common element in job applications, in which you can really sell yourself to the company. It can be challenging to tell everything about yourself in a short pitch, but by taking this training from Ormit you can make sure you will be remembered by the company.

Our third training topic is ‘self-presentation’. You only get one shot for your first impression, so you want this to be a good one. Young Colfield will learn you the most important aspects of what you have to be aware of when presenting yourself, so that you leave a good impression.

Do you want to prepare yourself for future job applications? Attent this new event and follow even two interesting trainings in one afternoon! You will be assigned to the trainings on a first come, first serve base, so do not hesitate for too long!

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