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Date(s) - 3 mei
09:30 - 18:00

Office Motivaction

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The in-house day of Motivaction and Glocalities is open for Dutch and international students. This day gives you the opportunity to see what it’s like to execute research for clients like Grolsch, KNVB, Danone, BNN, Unilever, Anwb and many more!

As an independent research and consultancy agency, Motivaction delivers insights through research into values, motives and lifestyles of people and organizations. Motivaction is a research agency that combines business interests, academic depth and societal motivations and translates them into specific opportunities.

Research agency with experience
Motivaction has 90 permanent staff members with almost 35 years of experience in many sectors. They combine their experience and expertise for, among other things:

Quantitative and qualitative research
• Target audience and segmentation research
• Customer journey mapping
• Communication (neuro) research

About the Glocalities Survey
Glocalities is the state-of-the-art values-based research program of Motivaction International. Aligning more effectively with peoples needs and values unlocks many new possibilities for engagement and growth. Consumer behavior, activism, trends and opinions around the globe are shaped by deeply-embedded value orientations. They deliver in-depth understanding of target audience, and practical advice for marketing and communications and activation purposes.

The day program:

  • 9:30 you will be the reception
  • Introduction round and introduction to Motivaction/Glocalities
  • Start case
  • Lunch
  • Follow-up case
  • Presentations
  • 17:00 drinks

When the weather is good, the drinks will take place on the Motivaction boat!

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