Foodsy – the Massive Media Mess

The impact of social media is mind-blowing for quite some time already. I am quite sure that you can all think of a funny or emotional Facebook post, video, request, or complaint that went viral. Within only a few hours, these statements receive loads of likes and comments, everyone having an opinion about it. So what to do when you want to grab the attention from a big audience to make a statement, even for a topic that is not social media related? Right, you involve social media to make it big and booming.  

This is exactly what ‘Foodsy’ did last month. Via Facebook, the opening of the first restaurant without staff, located in Amsterdam, was announced. Within only 14 days of online promotion, the restaurant acquired almost 1500 likes and 600 people indicated to attend the event. Even big Dutch media channels as Nu.nl, Radio 538 and Telegraaf spread the word about this noteworthy event within only 2 days. Little insights were given away by Foodsy on beforehand, because how would a restaurant function without any single employee?! Well, you just would have to do everything yourself: get your own drink, prepare your own food, clean your own table, and pay your own bill. A unique concept that created great interest and curiosity among a large audience within very little time. And then, on November 5th, it was showtime…


To see what really happened if you missed this campaign, you can check out the video, watched 110.000+, via this link 

Foodsy wanted to spread a message: restaurants can simply not function without staff and so the pay and working conditions of this sector have to be improved. To do so, they created a crazy but somehow credible concept and brand, which let people think, which made people curious. Above all, the marketing was mainly done by ourselves. I think they made a clear and impactful statement by creating this massive media mess.

Yvette Fransen