Last Thursday, the MAA had one of its biggest events of the year: the Amsterdam Marketing Event. While we enjoyed workshops and interesting meetings with recruiters, had our resume checked and had our new LinkedIn photo taken, we discovered a new trend in the world of marketing during the presentations of several companies: the construction industry. Perhaps construction wouldn’t pop to your mind at first when you think about marketing; but hey, there’s a whole new world with a lot of big chances to discover!

Thanks to our partner Hilti, the world leader construction supplier, we know that this industry is busy with building their own brand new marketing strategy. The construction industry has a lot to offer. Many companies are looking for the perfect marketing consultant to start their own online marketing campaign. Right now, Hilti is at the very beginning of something brand new: online marketing.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here (online)

You shouldn’t be surprised to read that online marketing is still quite unknown in the construction industry. This industry is traditional in many ways, as well as with their marketing tools. However, even in the conservative construction world, people want to buy and find more information online. Right now, the website of Hilti gets 20 percent of the total turnover online! Additionally, their sales are still increasing, the visibility is getting bigger, they’re more productive and their customers are more content. All because of starting marketing online.

Measuring everything

So where do you have to begin? And when do you know that you’re on track? According to Hilti, you have to measure everything. Which kind of posts on social media do work? And most importantly, why? They’ve found out that how-to movies work great. However, they shouldn’t be too long. For example, a four minute movie for Facebook does not work. On the other hand, it does the trick for LinkedIn. Hilti is simply doing what their customers are asking for. Which is why they’ve started with online product demonstrations and even involve their own customers in their online content.

Hilti is busy with creating a brand new marketing strategy that fits perfectly with the industry in which they are operating. At the moment, they are focusing on new services and software. In the future, they want to do more with marketing and digitization. They’ve just kick started their online marketing plan, but will need your help to make a great success of it!

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