Hilti, the global market leader as supplier of construction, arranged a great informal program to get to know the MAA members better. For 50 years they are growing harder than the economy does, because at Hilti they believe in a unique approach.

During the boat trip a couple of employees from Hilti explained a bit more about the company and the interesting vacancies they have at the moment. Their traineeships include a two-year program with the possibility to go abroad, which sounds very educational and challenging. In all the years that they have existed, they built up sustainable relationships. Not only product innovation and good quality are of great importance, but also taking care of their employees is a main key point at Hilti.

This you could clearly see at the BBQ @ Amstelhaven, which was very well organized. While you would not necessarily think Hilti is attracting many female employees, they explained this sector can actually be very interesting. They are not only busy with construction projects, where the main focus lies on instruments and tools. As famous international supplier they are market leader in many different sectors. They offer a wide range of products, from lifesaving fire protection technology in hospitals to fixing materials that protect human beings and buildings in earthquake-sensitive areas. Besides, Hilti develops software, services and aftercare to make their products function for the long term. All of the products they improve and launch are designed and investigated by themselves. Therefore Hilti is 100% confident and proud about their products!

Seen from the strong position Hilti has right now, they are striving to further strengthen their market leadership over the next few years. Therefore, they are looking for high performers who can help to let Hilti grow. Are you the talent they are looking for? Check out their vacancies now at https://careers.hilti.nl/nl-nl.