The online marketing industry is booming with new developments and new strategies surfacing continuously. More and more jobs are becoming available on the market every day. But how do you prepare yourself for an online marketing job? How do you make sure you stand out in the crowd of wannabe online marketeers? PANGAEA tells us more.

Immerse yourself in online marketing
You’ve read the recommended books and passed your exams. Will this be the trick in becoming the world’s best online marketeer? Probably not. Delve into the world of online marketing and gain knowledge about current trends and technologies. You can stay up to date by reading relevant blogs and journals.

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Which way to go?
Online marketing is a very broad term. There’s something interesting for everyone! Perhaps you are interested in dynamic retargeting? Or do you want to let your creative mind go and work on concepting? Invent and develop new online concepts with designers, conversion specialists and online developers. Find out what your favorite discipline in online marketing is.


Gain relevant experienceonline marketing_work experienceNow that you know what your interests are, what’s next? Just sitting around won’t get you anywhere, so be bold! Ask an internet marketing agency to join them for day, start blogging/vlogging or launch your own website. Analyzing the statistics of your own website, is one of the best ways to learn about how people behave on the internet. You can use this experience in your motivation letter and it will definitely give you a head start during a job interview!


Final step: the application
Online Marketing are always looking for new talent. But what do we pay attention to?

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Show you’re curious and eager to learn
We are not looking for Mr. or Ms. Know-it-all. However, showing that you are seriously interested in one or more specific topics of online marketing always works. Tell about articles you’ve recently read or things you’ve learned by analyzing your website’s visitors.

Come up with creative strategic solutions
In most cases there’s not just one way to do things. Creative solutions can offer completely new insights. Therefore you don’t always have to agree with what we say. Show that you want to prove us otherwise and that you have other ideas. You can also impress us with a portfolio of things you’ve already created or accomplished.

Personal online branding
We don’t make a secret of it. We will check your Facebook page and other stuff about you that is swerving around the internet. We are online marketeers after all. If you can’t market yourself, how can you market our clients? Make sure there isn’t anything online that can hurt your reputation. You can take the safe road and protect your profile, but you can also make it public and use it in your advantage. Demonstrate your outgoing personality or share marketing-related articles to show what you are interested in.


I hope you gained some inspiration from these tips and feel motivated to go out there. Good luck and maybe we’ll meet one day!

Guest article by Mitchell Kruithof
Online Traffic Strategist @PANGAEA Internet Marketing


Image credit: YouTube and flazingo_photos via Visual Hunt