Some people humanize brands and say that they have a kind of personality – that they are nice and friendly or more sophisticated, for instance. And, like real humans, brands can actually also like each other… or not!

A large percentage of the funniest commercials and ads in history are at the expense of other brands.


Round 1: DHL vs. UPS vs. TNT vs. DPD vs. FedEx

Take the logistics industry for example: In 2014, DHL let UPS, TNT, and DPD advertise for them using a “Trojan Mailing”:


But, it seems as if FedEx is even one step ahead of DHL in this advertising contest:


Hilarious, right!?


Round 2: McDonald’s vs. Burger King

Even more entertaining is the everlasting fight between McDonald’s and Burger King. BK always claimed that their Whopper is larger than Micky D’s Big Mac and also showed this in its ads.



This year McDonald’s mocked Burger King in a pretty creative way in France:


But the smart guys in BK’s marketing department took up the gauntlet and implemented a little plot twist:



So, what do you think? Who won round 1 and 2? And do you know any other entertaining ad-bitchfights?


Written by Felix Kausmann