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In recent years, China’s economy has been steadily growing, providing a favorable climate for new businesses

Water Management

China’s rapid economic rise poses challenges to the country and it’s environment. In combination with heavy industrialisation, massive urbanisation and the increasing consequences of climate change, China’s resilience is put to the test. Regarding water quantity (too much causing flooding’s, too little causing devastating draughts) and water quality, pose severe treats to the further development of the country. The 13th Fifth Year plan contains elements aimed at increasing government spending in the water industry to tackle the problems. The annualized growth rate for this industry revenue is forecast to be 14.6% in the next five years. China provides great opportunities for Dutch companies to bring new technology to address these problems.

Agriculture and FMCG

China is expected to become the world’s largest importer of agriculture and food products. The growing economy in China and the increased purchasing power with the rapidly growing middle class have changed the demand of the Chinese consumer. There is, for example, a growing demand for pre-packed food, also the quality of the food has become a very important factor for consumers in China. The objective of the Chinese government is to make the agriculture sector more sustainable and increase the national production level to guarantee the food-supply for the future. Innovation and sustainable development have always been key-objectives for Dutch companies. And therefore Dutch producers and company’s can build on the strong reputation that is recognized worldwide for safe and high-quality Agrifood products. This reputation ensures that Dutch companies can make a difference in China!


China has lodged its highly ambitious goals for sustainable development. One of these goals is that the cumulative total production and sales for new-energy vehicles in China reach five million a year. This market is fast growing and reach 53 percent year-on-year growth and is one of the biggest in the world. This growing market has several challenges like battery efficiency and fast charging of batteries, this is where Dutch companies can make the difference.


China is the biggest energy consumer in the world. The current energy supply chain of China is known for its big impact on the environment because it is heavily dependent on the use of goal. In the 13th Five-Year-Plan, the government announced plans to support the transition of the energy industry to make more use of renewable resources. To make sure that China’s ambitious vision will succeed, the government supports the development of green energy, expand the use of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, support innovations in technology and equipment, and improve related policies and mechanisms. China and the Netherlands signed in 2014 an extended version of the existing Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of exchanging knowledge and looking at mutual investment in renewables such as solar, biomass, and (offshore) wind energy.

Active in another industry? China also holds many business opportunities in fields like financial services, education, and life sciences. Feel free to contact us to see what changes are waiting for your business!