Discover China

Forecasted trends

China’s economy is still in an upward swing, thanks to its growing middle class and smart investments. This economic outlook shows China has plenty elements to stay one of the most interesting countries to do business in.

From imitator to innovator

In 2018, China started to undergo countless changes in their production system. They undertook significant effort to transform into a research and innovation orientated economy.

Open to foreign investment

The Chinese government finally welcomes the outside world. It has become easier for Western companies to enter the Chinese market, especially for Dutch companies.

Growing Middle Class

China has achieved an important increment of the middle class. For 2020, 400 million people are expected to move to that range. This means that there will be a huge pool of consumers that will provide countless opportunities for foreign products and services.

Infrastructural improvements

The country is strategically located with access to almost every country in Asia. Shanghai’s main port pushes more than 37 million containers on and off ships annually, a massive amount that tops every port in the world. Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the 125 berths can handle more than 2,000 container ships monthly, roughly a quarter of all of China’s outgoing shipments. Every year, this and China’s other ports are expanded and can handle more and more ships and containers. China’s domestic development has been fueled by high levels of infrastructure investment such as building roads, bridges and airports.