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In recent years, India’s economy has been steadily growing, providing a favorable climate for new businesses

Water Management

In regard to water management, India is expected to become a moderate water scarce country by 2050. Due to the growing population and economy, India is in need of a lot of water. The expectation rises that India’s water demand will be as high as 24% by 2025. On the other hand, India experiences deadly floods more often due to climate change causing erosion of the riverbeds. India and the Netherlands have already been working together on water management for a couple of years, since the Netherlands has valuable knowledge. The Netherlands provides great opportunities in guaranteeing the objectives set by the Indian government in regard to water management. 

Agriculture & Food

There is a lot of demand for Dutch know-how, technology and expertise in regard to horticulture in the Indian agriculture and food sector. There is a large market in India for Dutch companies that deal with horticulture. Thanks to their innovative agro-technology the Netherlands is one of the world’s largest exporters of food and agriculture products. Therefor the Netherlands is an important trading-partner for India. Due to India’s increasing population (which is already 17% of the world’s population), the demand for processed food will increase, even though Indian consumers prefer naturally ‘fresh’ food. This offers opportunities for Dutch companies, not only in the food processing industry but also in the export of seeds for vegetables, potatoes and not to forget the export of knowledge. 


India’s energy sources exist mainly of fossil fuels, of which the majority is imported. Since the energy consumption in Indian households is growing, the need for renewable energy is growing rapidly as well. As 17% of the world’s population lives in India and the population will keep growing, its needs for energy will increase even more in the coming years. As the energy supply is key for the future of India, they are willing to invest in new energy solutions. One of the solutions they are willing to invest in is solar energy. Dutch companies have the technical expertise to meet India’s demand for new, more efficient, renewable energy options, like solar panels and offshore wind energy.

Innovation, Science & Technology

The Indian government is investing in the development of multiple sectors. Some of the important parts of the Indian science, technology and innovation (STI) policy are in the areas of ICT, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, the medical sector, sustainable energy and water technology. As STI is assumed to be the driver of development and economic growth within a country, India’s government spares no effort to invest in science and technology driven innovation. Collaborations between India and the Netherlands regarding innovation are strengthened by the shared global agenda regarding achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. A major example is that Indian and Dutch textile companies are joining forces to produce circular textiles for the European market. Innovative techniques have made it possible to transform textile waste into new high quality materials. In conclusion, as modern India is one of the topmost countries in the fields of innovation, science and technology, many opportunities arise for Dutch companies. 

Life Science & Health

The life science and health industry has grown to be one of the biggest industries in India. Due to the growing population, especially the middle class, the need for proper health care in India increases. The Indian government is thoroughly investing in healthcare to tackle all the healthcare challenges that come with increasing welfare. Besides, India is the largest supplier worldwide in generic drugs and its life sciences industry is one of the main reasons for the reduction of the trade deficit. In short, there are many opportunities in this market due to its popularity and growth, which provides Dutch companies to start collaborations in India, offshore or do business in India.

Logistics & Infrastructure

The Indian logistics sector is expected to grow between 8-9% per year between 2015 and 2020. The Indian government has adjusted its policy to turn India into a global manufacturing hub. Adjustments in policy like ‘Make in India’ and the implementation of a uniform tax system will create an efficient and integrated economy. The Indian government also invested in five industrial corridors to provide developed land and quality infrastructure for industrial townships. The government is investing heavily in the logistics sector, however there is a great need for companies with experience in the logistics sector to share knowledge with Indian companies. Dutch companies who move along with government projects and programs can create a unique position for themselves to successfully enter the Indian market. 

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