Discover Colombia

Interesting Fields of Business

In recent years the Colombian economy has been steadily growing, providing a favourable climate for new businesses

Water Management

Just like the Netherlands, Colombia depends largely on their ports for their economic development, have an extensive river network and border largely to the sea. The country is very rich in water. It has three times more groundwater than surface water. Despite such extraordinary wealth, Colombia still faces many challenges in ensuring its waters are managed carefully and rigorously Climate change, including sea level rise, increased discharge of (rain)water, but also periods of drought and water quality are other major challenges. This is a strong basis for cooperation. The Colombian government has started many projects, in cooperation with various Dutch companies, to improve on sustainable water management and the development of their ports.

Agriculture and FMCG

Colombia’s agriculture industry is booming. Due to the countries rich biodiversity it holds a ton of natural resources. For instance the local supply of coffee, that comes from 6 different types of growth areas. Colombia produces about 12% of the total global supply of Arabica beans. This sector holds challenges for increasing their sustainability, a task where Dutch organizations can offer their knowledge.  Besides coffee the country has abundant other natural products for trade, like many fresh fruits & vegetables, sugar canes, cacao and potatoes. There’s also a significant market in cotton and tobacco.

Infrastructure and Construction

One of the most important projects from the government of President Santo is the ambitious ‘Fourth Generation (4G) public-private partnership’ (PPP) infrastructure program, that is still evolving after 5 years. Companies from the Netherlands are famous for their effective PPP projects and could therefore play a role in this program with their knowledge and advising skills. Other changes for business lie in the field of aeronautical infrastructure equipment and services, as well as complex engineering projects and services related to mass transport systems. 

Waste Processing

In this industry 60% of total business is privatised, which offers huge potential for Dutch companies to partner with. The government is focussing on eliminating illegal dumpsites, so business for handling waste is growing. The local companies are challenged by a need for higher quality solutions as well as the need to increase solid waste recycling.

Active in another industry? Colombia also holds many business opportunities in fields like financial services, education and life sciences. Feel free to contact us to see what changes are waiting for your business!