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These business cases illustrate previous research projects we have successfully conducted for other companies.

In 2014, the IRP mapped potential exchange partners for a Dutch educational institution. The researchers from the IRP have begun mapping the economically most interesting sectors and major players in these sectors. The researchers have discussed this with different educational institutions, government agencies and companies. In addition, the researchers spoken with students from different Colombian Universities to figure out how the selection process proceeds in studying abroad. Using these conversations the IRP mapped future prospects within the education sector and a handed out a detailed report with potential partners.

In 2013 the IRP conducted research in China for Vita Blend. The purpose of the research was to identify the Chinese IMF market. The research started by mapping the different macro-economic factors involved in the Chinese IMF market. The macro-economical factors which are discussed in the report are the demographical, economical, sociological, technical, political and judicial factors. Once the researchers had mapped the macro-economic factors, the major domestic and international IMF producers in China were discussed and the entire IMP Chinese market and it’s consumers were analyzed. Depth interviews with Vita Blend’s key competitors and Chinese consumers have led to new insights. These insights were incorporated in an advisory report. The advice to Vita Blend consisted of a description of the main opportunities and threatsin the Chinese IMF market. This had led to concrete recommendations to Vita Blend.

A Dutch engineering organization specialized in plant engineering in the Maritime sector, decided to expand their activities to Brazil (besides China and Malaysia). The IRP did a comparative study for this organization in 2011 in Brazil. The researchers analyzed the two markets of seaports Itajaí and Santos. For comparison they observed the local tax rates, the reselling opportunities, costs of office and storage space, useful contacts and local education for specialists on site. The study revealed that the market of seaport Itajaí had more potential for the organization than the seaport Santos. By now (2013/2014) this plant engineering organization is located in Brazil, near Itajaí

For a Dutch food company the IRP has analyzed the logistics of a large country in South- America. The status of a certain commodity crop in the specific country remained unclear to the company, and they wondered why it seemed difficult to import a higher quality of the crop. They asked the IRP to investigate the current status of the specific crop with regards to its quality, sustainability, demand, costs an logistic flows. The IRP had to visit producers, traders and other food processing firms in South-America in order to clearly depict the total supply chain of the crop and address the issues along side the chain.

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