Our Support

Board of Recommendations

  • Mw. Prof. Dr. Ir. K.I.J. Maex

    Rector Magnificus UvA

  • Dhr. Prof. Dr. Vinod Subramaniam

    Rector Magnificus VU

  • Dhr. Drs. L.T.C. Filippini

    Oprichter MAA

Board of Advice

  • Dhr. Dr. M.L. van der Veen

    Director Graduate School of Business at UvA

  • Dhr. Drs. I.J.C. Leijen

    Lecturer Marketing at VU Amsterdam

  • Dhr. Prof. Dr. H.P. Borgman

    Head of Digital Business at the MSc Business Administration UvA

  • Dhr. R.E.W. Pruppers

    Positioning and Branding at UvA

  • Dhr. P. van Hoorn

    Program Director, Science, Business & Innovation at VU Amsterdam

  • Mw. dr. C.T. Boon

    Track Coordinator Leadership and Management at UvA

Our Coaches

  • Dhr J. Heerings

    Acquisition Trainer at Frisse Blikken

  • Dhr R.J. von Aulock

    China Expert

  • Dhr S. Verpalen

    Acquisition Trainer at Frisse Blikken

  • Dhr R. Haeck

    Leadership & personal development trainer at Q-staff

Co - Mates

Our team will be supported on location by co-mates to enhance the quality and validity of the research for your company.

These are students from local Chinese universities, who help us with any cultural and/or language barriers while conducting the field research.