About IRP


We are currently looking for new board members to lead the IRP 2018 – 2019. Do you have an international mindset and are you ready to:

  • Develop yourself as a leader

    Improve your management and consulting skills by setting up an entire research project and leading a team of 12 student consultants

  • Explore the global business field

    Broaden your horizon by picking the next research location, followed by preparations for living and working abroad for 2 months

  • Become part of a fun team

    Expand your professional and social network while working closely together in a small team on real life business cases and participating in numerous external trainings

We are looking for enthusiastic and talented students to fill these positions


You have a leading and coordinating role in the project. You have to be aware of the progress of the project at all times and manage all board members’ tasks. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to motivate your fellow board members and the student consultants as a group to get as much out of the project as possible.


Your responsibility will be to structure the IRP budget and manage the money flows.  At the same time you are involved with all decisions made within the IRP that cost money. Therefore you not only need to know your way around numbers but also around people. Next to that you are responsible for arranging all necessities for the trip to the research country.

External Affairs

This will give you the best opportunity to get in contact with businesses. Together with your counterpart you will be responsible for generating all of the revenues of the IRP. You will manage the relationships with current partners and  have a leading position in the acquisition process. 


You will be responsible for the image of the IRP, online and offline, to students, universities and businesses. You are good at writing short and activating texts and able to create  content that is relevant to our potential new clients. It would be helpful if you know how to use analytics such as SEO/SEA, or are interested in learning how to use it.

Excited about becoming a board member?

Any questions about the specific positions or would you simply like to get to know us better? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Deadline to apply: 20 april 2018

Send your CV + Motivation letter (in English) via this button. Please make sure that you include two positions of interest in your motivation.