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Layover with a Local: applause for KLM

The most social airline of The Netherlands has come up with a new great way to engage their customers: layover with a local. Here’s why it’s an amazing idea.

Layover with a Local is based on an app which allows travelers with a layover at Schiphol Airport to hang-out with a local from Amsterdam. An excellent piece of extra service for travelers with a layover of 6 hours or more and concurrently great marketing of KLM. It is based on the idea of Icelandic air, which already introduced a ‘stop-over buddy’ on their layover stops. Other than the Icelandic version, where all the buddies are Icelandic Air employees, in the KLM version, your layover buddy is a local Amsterdammer.  The first drinks and train ticket to the city center are paid for by KLM.



When thinking about branding, this initiative is great for KLM’s brand value. With this peer-to-peer application KLM provides an extra service to their customers. When customers specifically choose to fly with KLM, they might even prefer a layover of 6 hours or more. In my view, it sets a very approachable, fun and kind brand image completely in line with their image and slogan ‘Journeys of Inspiration’.

In short, applause for KLM and this creative use of online technology. Amsterdammers get a change to proudly show travelers our kindness and our beautiful city. And if those reasons are not enough, the first free drinks that are payed for by KLM will make the difference! “Why is that a good reason?” Would you ask as a foreigner. Well, you will learn soon enough that we are kind, but also parsimonious. ‘Going dutch’ when you split the bill is not just an expression. If you don’t believe me, you can ask a Belgian person 😉

… Okay, enough with the generalizations: let’s support this great initiative!

The trial version will launch from the 22nd of March until the 31st of May. In order to make this application a success, all possible ‘bumps on the road’ (misuse, mismatches, lost tourists in the gracht, etc) need to be resolved. If you are a local and want to guide some travelers through our wonderful city, you can sign up here. You will be notified when the application is live and how you will be able to participate. In the trial version it will be available for travelers from the US, Canada and Italy. 

Written by: Marjolein Tromp

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