Advidi affiliate managers Patrick and Marlou at a major marketing conference in Berlin


When MAA alumni Patrick Spruit was close to graduating, he felt a bit lost and wondered what was next for him.

“I kept going to MAA open house days at different companies… they were all great, but nothing really called my name,” he says.

“Then I went to Advidi. It was completely different from the rest. They were doing something new, something I’d never heard of. Everyone was enthusiastic and really proud of the company. We played a business game, had an outstanding lunch cooked by their in-house chef, chatted about work and life… I walked away wondering how much of it was real.”

It didn’t take long for him to find out. A few months later, Patrick was walking through the doors as Advidi’s newest Junior Sales Manager. Right away, he started learning all about a new kind of marketing that’s taking the online world by storm: affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves digital advertising, media buying, creative campaigns and entrepreneurship. As an affiliate network, Advidi acts as a middleman between advertisers and affiliates, helping them optimize their advertising campaigns to improve ROI and outperform competitors.

“As a sales manager at Advidi, I have to balance technical and analytical tasks with strong social and communicative skills,” says Patrick. “It’s a rare combination, but it’s really powerful in today’s rapidly transforming business climate.”

Choosing to enter this dynamic industry wasn’t easy – Patrick knew he was taking a bit of a risk. When compared to a larger corporation, the teams at Advidi are small and dependent on each individual’s contribution. He had two options: play a small but “safe” role in a big organization… or challenge himself to see what he could accomplish with the pressure on.

“I was overwhelmed at first. It’s a lot to learn. I was nervous, but I didn’t need to be. They invested a lot of time and resources in getting me up to speed. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to speak professionally about the business and make an impact. My decisions often changed the way the company worked, even as a junior.”

Advidi is a successful company, but it’s not just because of the profitable, cutting-edge industry they’re in. It’s the people and the uplifting environment they create. Everyone is challenged to build a personal portfolio while working together as a team to help each other profit.


Whether it’s during business meetings or on a company-wide trip, the people at Advidi are always in it together.

“Everyone values keeping a balance between working hard and enjoying life. Your voice is heard, which gives you a unique sense of fulfillment. I’m not sure I could have found a better place to start my career. After more than a year here, I now know for sure… the energy at Advidi is real!


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