A board year at the MAA is the perfect experience to start your career. You have the chance to develop yourself on a professional level and you will meet lots of interesting people. To give an impression of what a board year at the MAA looks like, we will introduce you to some previous board members. This week, we spoke with ex-marketeers Lisanne Droppers, Bouke Loohuis and Wies Oudshoorn. Currently, Lisanne is working as an Associate Business Consultant at ITDS, Bouke is working as a Junior consultant at Kirkman Company and Wies is working as a Junior Consultant at ‎No Nonsancy.

What is your best memory of your MAA Board year?

Lisanne: organizing events and being able to celebrate that success together. As a marketeer, you work together with other marketeers within commissions. It is very nice to think about how we can promote an event in the best way. Bouke: the winter sport was an absolute highlight for me. It was nice to see that so many active members want to go crazy for 10 days on the slopes and in the pub. And the close bond that we have built up with the six of us is still very special for me! Wies: for me, the best of all is the National Marketing Competition, where 100 selected students compete for the title ‘National Marketing Talent’. With a delegation of 30 people from Amsterdam we traveled and were organizing two days of cases, including 2 hotel stays. This is something that I would not normally have signed up for so quickly, but with so many acquaintances I really enjoyed it.

Have you learned anything specific during your board year of which you still benefit from?

Lisanne: set priorities and work efficiently. Furthermore, I have learned to work together on goals that you set with your board. Intensive cooperation within a board learns you a lot about your personality, your strengths, and weaknesses. This gives you a good idea of your strengths and which competencies you can develop. Bouke: during my board year, I noticed how important it is to work together with people if you want to get something done. In my current work as a consultant, I try to enthuse people with the same energy as I did during my board year. Besides that, I learned to organize a meeting efficiently. I still benefit from that now. Wies: I discovered what kind of person I am, but also got to know the other fellow board members. During board trainings, you learn what you need from others for a pleasant collaboration.

In what way did your board year affect your current position?

Lisanne: through the MAA I did not only meet many companies, which allowed me to orientate myself on where I would like to work, but I also got to know a lot of people who could provide me more information about interesting companies. A former board member of the MAA told me about ITDS, where I started a traineeship and now work as a consultant. Bouke: the fact that I have done a board year, I think, helped me to choose the perfect traineeship. Wies: I am sure about what I can do, discovered who I am and what I think is important. I also got a bit cheekier when it came to drilling into my network.

For what reason(s) do you recommend others to do a board year at the MAA?

Lisanne: you can learn a lot, have a lot of responsibility and the freedom to think about what you want to accomplish with the association and how you want to achieve this. Bouke: of course, everyone has to do what he or she likes. But if you think you can contribute to the association, then you should go for it! You will also notice that your own development is rapidly improving, which will be a huge benefit in your future professional career! Wies: the opportunity to get started with things that matter to you, without having to be afraid of making mistakes. For me, it was a great way to discover my strengths and pitfalls. I am able to analyze my work with concrete numbers. And of course, you will also get to know a lot of people, both MSc students, and recruiters, which is very handy when you are applying!