It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I’ve definitely gotten into the holiday spirit! So, yesterday I went to the Christmas market on Museumplein. This is the first year that a Christmas market has been organized at the museum square in Amsterdam. And I can say, it’s a big success!

Written by Susanne Deen

It’s a lovely market, right next to the ice rink. The atmosphere is really amazing. Little shiny Christmas lights illuminate the entire event; they hang in the air, around the trees and ice rink, and on the market stalls. All kinds of different brands have rented little market stalls. These stalls don’t look like your typical street shops though; they are very cute little wooden houses. To be on such a Christmas market in the middle of Amsterdam is, of course, a great marketing opportunity for brands. You find big brands that are already known by many people, such as Chocomel. But you also find relatively small, yet unknown brands that try to generate some publicity for their companies! I think it’s a very smart marketing strategy to be active in Christmas and related activities.

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December is the most giving month of the year. Filled with joyful, fuzzy and warm holiday thoughts, people are far more willing to buy products around this time of the year! We love searching for the most perfect and sweet little presents. Consumers are willing to pay more for a product because of the fact that the products are being sold on an old-fashioned. This origin from a Christmas market will provide some extra added value in the eyes of the consumer!

Aside from the sales made in this setting and during this particular month, this place is a perfect opportunity for implementing some classical conditioning, or in other words ‘positive affect transfer’ to your brand or product! So how does psychological process apply? On Christmas markets, people are in a cheerful mood when they enter the atmosphere of the market. People are with friends or family, drinking gluhwein and wandering around a bit over the place while their children enjoy themselves during ice skating. So, when your brand is also present during such happy moments, the merry feeling that people have will be transferred towards your brand, building onto its consumer brand equity. So the next time a person sees your brand in another situation, the great feeling (derived from the Christmas market), will be triggered in the mind of the consumer. In this way, consumers will develop a positive attitude towards your brand! Thus, very clever marketing in my opinion.

So taking it altogether, renting a market stall on a Christmas market in the December month is a very smart marketing tactic, since applying the classical condition and the affect transfer can be implemented easy and perfect in this time of the year. Furthermore it can give your brand many benefits because the change that your sales will increase is quite big!


Source Classical Condition Theory: Till, B. D., Stanley, S. M., & Priluck, R. (2008). Classical conditioning and celebrity endorsers: An examination of belongingness and resistance to extinction. Psychology & Marketing, 25(2), 179-196.