Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are dealing with a lot of prejudices. They would be more narcissistic than other generations, prefer flexibility above stability and care more about idealism instead of earning money. But is this really true? Actually not.  Since a couple of years HR specialists, trendwatchers and consultants started to investigate this target group, which seems very hard to reach.

Millennials are digital natives, which basically means that they were born with a computer in their hands. No wonder that social media is such an important place for them. It is nowadays the center of marketing and communication. But just a digital presence as a company is not that simple. You have to offer much more.

Multitasking is the new relaxing

According to Forbs, for many millennials multitasking is the new relaxing. Study shows that millennials use different media devices at the same time. Companies can benefit from this, by spreading a whole advertisement budget across multiple platforms. On the other hand, this does not mean that you have to reach every millennial in the same way.

“Hiding behind a pretty website is not good enough”

Therefore, it is good to make it personal. Hiding behind a pretty website, or a very well organized customer services are not enough. The threshold to contact someone should be low. This means that you have to react soon to questions or remarks, but also show who are the people behind a company. It makes your company more reliable.

The five things millennials have in common

Of course, it is important to notice that every millennial is different, and therefore you need to make content as personalized as possible. But sure there are some aspects that millennials have in common. And therefore you do not have to make everything personal into detail.  Sprout claims that there are five values which all millennials have in common: happiness, passion, diversity, sharing and discovering. On the basis of these values, you can create the best millennial proof content ever.

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