Today is the last inhouse day of the National Marketing Battle and I was placed to visit Hilit. Hilti? Oh yes, I recognize the name because they are often present at MAA events. But what exactly do they do? I was about to experience it for myself. Hilti is a company that is all about building equipment and building software, in other words buildings from A to Z. It’s not everyday that companies meet marketing students, so I was sure this was going to be something different than the many other companies we usually get to know.

sam_4633-minUpon Arrival, a line of cars were ready to receive us. They taxied us to their office in Rodenrijs, which is near Rotterdam. The marketing director of Hilti Netherlands gave an impressive presentation, told us what they are doing right now, and what they have achieved. I was impressed by their numbers, global presence, and the passion they embodied. Everyone seemed to love being on building sites, even girls like me – nothing I would have expected!

Before starting on the case, we visited the Hilti equipment store where we could see and feel the equipment for ourselves. I don’t know anything about drilling machines, but even I got the feeling these were high quality materials. After lunch, we were reset into groups to solve a case. It was a marketing case on employer branding. It was an interesting case, where we had to find a solution as to how Hilti can attract more students like us and increase their awareness. It is a tough job for them, as marketing students are less aware of the B2B business world, especially in building, than the standard FMCG companies who have huge budgets to spend on their recruitment. The case made us think outside of the box and was rather challenging.

sam_4649-minSadly enough, we did not win, I must say we had strong competition! Before I knew it, they day had come to an end and we were taxied back to the train station. I ended the day knowing a lot about Hilti, the industry they work in, their traineeship, and the possibilities.

Curious about Hilti yourself? Check out their traineeship and other vacancies at!

Kind Regards,

Sascha van Ginneken