This week is in the spotlight of the MAA’s Marketeer Jolijn de Ridder. To see what it is like to be the Marketeer, we asked Jolijn a couple of questions regarding her function. Curious? Read the answers below!

Jolijn, what does the Marketing function involve?

Jolijn: “As the Marketeer I am the guard of the MAA’s ‘corporate identity’. This means that I am responsible for a persuasive appearance and branding of the MAA, internally and externally. I am also responsible for strategically improving the organization and I try to make sure that the MAA events are at the top of mind of the relevant students. It’s a creative, organizing and very diverse function!”

How do you manage the Marketing function and what are your tasks?

Jolijn: “Together with my enthusiastic assistants from the Media & Branding Committee I am setting targets and I make sure these are being reached. We also design creative flyers, posters and banners and we try to optimize the wordpress website of the MAA. Another task of the Marketing function is to manage the social media channels of the MAA, which are Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Within this task I coordinate the Marketeers of all committees so that we can make our events as successful as possible. On our social media channels I always go for professional expressions, photos and videos to persuade potential future members and partners to join the MAA or partner up with us.”

What is special about being the MAA’s Marketeer and why would you recommend becoming the next one?

Jolijn: “Being the MAA’s Marketeer means that you can actually use all of the knowledge you have gained the past years and apply it to a real organization. As the MAA board’s Marketeer you do not only come up with the marketing strategies as you used to in your studies, but you also use them to make a change in real life. You also learn how to become creative in various ways and at the same time you practice your organizational skills. Sounds great to you? Apply for the function ‘Marketing’ for the board year of 2018/2019!”

Last but not least, what does your typical week at the MAA look like?

Jolijn: “To give you an impression of my work as Marketeer at the MAA, I give you a sneak peak into my most interesting appointments in the three tabs below. Have a look!”


I start the monday morning off with a board meeting to discuss several topics and problems that we are dealing with at the moment. 


After the board meeting, I need to check the content calendar to see whether all social media posts needed are included for the week and I make an overview with priorities for this week @Boardroom, with my third FREE cup of coffee ;-). 


After lunch, I have a meeting with the Marketeer of the Amsterdam Recruitment Event.