What involves the Chairman function?
The chairman position involves managing and developing the MAA policy and being responsible for improving the relationship with universities. My function is very dynamic, every day is different. I have a lot of contact with different people and meetings with the International Research Project and the other two committees I manage, other associations from the faculties and the universities. Besides, I represent the MAA within the Marketing Association of the Netherlands.

How do you manage the Chairman function?
As chairman of the board, I am ultimately responsible for the functioning of the MAA. Therefore, it is very important to be in close contact with my co-board members and being up to date about their projects. I keep an eye on the progress of projects, make decisions and keep the MAA strategy in mind. One of the most important things I’ve learned: communication and expectation management is key for a successful organization!

Why would you recommend to become Chairman of the MAA board?
The ambitious and social character of the MAA was a perfect way to develop myself on personal and professional level. The challenges I faced during this board year broadened my horizon and developed my skills. I’ve learned a lot and it is one of the best experiences of my student time!

What does a typical week in the MAA chairman-life looks like?
As I’m doing a parttime board-year, I have three ‘board-room days’ a week. The other two days I’m studying for my Masters. This week I fully described my board-room days for you in the tabs below.