This year’s MAA Sales tigers are Zoe Debie and Annelinde Holland. In this blog they will give you an insight into their tasks and experiences at the MAA.

WHAT involves the Sales function?

The sales position revolves around establishing and maintaining contact with the business partners of the MAA. In addition, sales always searches for new inspiring companies to connect with to create career opportunities for our members. Our function also aims for excellent account management in order to create long lasting partnerships for the MAA. Besides all this, we are responsible for the organization of the inhouse days and the CareerHub, where we make the match between our members and our partners.

Last but not least, we coordinate all the recruitment related events that are organized by the MAA during the year, which is very challenging and educational.

HOW is the Sales function managed?

For the account management we are always busy emailing and calling our partners to keep them up to date in order to maintain a good relationship. When it comes to approaching new companies we contact the warm leads, but also do coldcalling. Another nice part of our function is that we often visit interested companies and discuss the possibilities for collaboration. We ensure a good follow up and are responsible for drafting partnership contracts.

WHY would you recommend becoming the new Sales? 

Annelinde: The MAA offered me the great opportunity to develop my leadership skills on a professional level by being responsible for running an entire organization with my fellow board members. I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities during this year and I expanded my personal and professional network by meeting great people and interesting companies!
Zoe: The experiences I had because of the boardyear at the MAA, gave me the chance to further develop my leadership and sales skills to a professional level. This year also gave me the unique opportunity to attend meetings with multiple interesting companies and get insights about the organizations I otherwise would have never had. A board year means that you and your fellow board members are responsible for a whole organization and gives you the change to manage over 90 committee members and organise career events for over 850 members. It is a year full of personal development and a year I will never forget!

A typical week of the Sales board members

In the tabs below, we will show you what our typical week at the MAA looks like. Have a look!


Every Monday we start with the board meeting and have lunch together @UvA, meeting room


Discuss our prio’s for this week together and decide who does what and handles which company @UvA, board room


Answering incoming emails from partners and possible leads by mail or call them @UvA. board room


Prepare meeting Amsterdam Recruitment Event committee and make sure everything that needs to be arranged from the board is done @UvA, board room