A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to micro-influencers;  an upcoming trend in marketing and communication. We explained you what a micro-influencer is and why they can be very useful for marketing campaigns. Yet, we have to discover who the human-being behind the term ‘micro-influencer’ really is. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to a micro-influencer: Thomas Korver. He has more than five thousand followers on Instagram! We asked him all about it.

How have you managed to get more than five thousand followers?

“I started to make pictures with high quality.  However, I really wanted to show my pictures to as many people as possible. To this extent, my main goal was to reach as much engagement as possible. I have reached high levels of engagement by responding to reactions from my followers, to follow others as well as to like pictures of other influencers on Instagram.”

Can you tell me more about your specialization?

“My main topic is photography. That’s basically where my whole Instagram-account is about. I’m specialized in lifestyle photography. I like to make pictures of people, especially making portraits of people is what I really love.” 


“I’m specialized in lifestyle photography”


Have you ever been criticized and if so, how have you handled it?

“I certainly get some critics every now and then. Criticism is fine, as long as it is provided with valid arguments. Sometimes people comment negative stuff because they are trolling, or even jealous. I think that is not fair and very annoying. I am not able to do anything with negative comments without a proper explanation.”

What are the advantages for you?

“One big advantage of my Instagram account is all the connections I have right now. Instagramming took me to places and companies I would usually never come. I have been approached by several organizations. For example Ona Bags, Happy Socks but also the National Opera and Ballet. I meet a lot of Instagrammers. Staatsbosbeheer has opened places, especially for me and other Instagrammers to make nice pictures. That was great.”

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What is the down side of Instagramming?

“One big disadvantaged is that with the start of Instagramming actively, your whole live is basically framed in an unrealistic way. People have certain expectations and perceptions of my life which are not true. It always seems too good to be true.”

Do you have some tips for people who want to be a micro-influencer as well?

“Focus on the quality of your content. That is the most important tip I would like to give. And make sure that you engage with your followers. As long as you keep those two things in mind, everything will be fine. Besides that, I have some favorite tools I would like to recommend for other photographers. I use VSCO and Lightroom. Those applications are really useful for me. They help me to edit my pictures very quickly.”

Of which photo you are the most proud and why?

“The photo I have made in New York, from the Williamsburg Bridge. That one stood really high on my bucket list for a long time. When I finally made the picture I was more than proud. It felt like a victory!”