Take your career beyond borders: There’s so much to explore in Lisbon!

The capital of Portugal does not only offer much for the multitude of tourists; Lisbon has successfully emerged as a true entrepreneurial capital. With its special program and by creating excellent conditions for fostering SMEs, Lisbon is attracting a wide variety of entrepreneurs. The start-up scene in Lisbon is thriving with record numbers of companies registered, and there is a large contingent of foreign entrepreneurs who have taken root in the city. The wide availability of support, low taxes and affordable resources all make Lisbon an ideal launching pad for the young and ambitious.

The Lisboa City Hall Programme

The Lisboa City Hall programme stimulates the economy, by supporting people to create their own business. It provides specialised support in the most diverse areas and enables a personalised answer to all with a great idea. Over 300 entrepreneurs have already enrolled and more than 200 personal meetings have been held. “The idea we want to promote is that we have an economy based on knowledge and an entrepreneurial community that is growing. We’re attracting them for a lot of reasons: because we have a financing system, a very competitive fiscal setting for startups; but also because of the lifestyle and quality of life that entrepreneurs find here.” Manual Caldeira Cabral, Minister of Economy, says.

The success story of Taigo Ribeiro

Consider, for example, this success story of Taigo Ribeiro. Ribeiro sells beautifully canned Portuguese fish products from his Tuk-Tuk. He was the first to receive the support of the Lisbon scheme. Through the programme, Ribeiro was able to buy his first vehicle and initial stock. Beyond financial support, he also enjoyed coaching and personal mentoring. The programme enabled him to feel stronger. At the moment, his products are sold worldwide via Internet and are even available in stores around Europe.

Invest Lisboa

So much for the business activities in Lisbon? Not at all! The city’s entrepreneurial support is not limited to just the City Hall programme; Invest Lisboa is a Lisbon-based investment promotion agency. In 2009, Invest Lisboa was the result of a strategic partnership, aiming to attract investment, companies and talent. Invest Lisboa is a one-stop shop for companies, investors and entrepreneurs looking to invest or set up their business in Lisbon. Ambitious as they are, their strategic vision is to achieve full employment in Lisbon.

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