concentration tips

Studying in the library for the upcoming exams at the moment? Trying to put all your energy into these tests before you’ll enjoy the Christmas holidays? In that case, you might want to read this article.  With these tips on concentration, you’ll make sure that you’ll use your study time efficiently!

1. Shut down social media

As everyone knows, social media can be a hell of a distraction. These apps or websites do not improve your ability to focus, even when you are just answering a (quick) Whatsapp or Facebook message. The apps BlockSite and SelfControl can help you in making sure that you will not be distracted by Facebook or Instagram! The ideal solution when you can’t control yourself (or just give your phone to your study buddy)!

2. 45 minutes of studying

It’s better to study for 45 minutes with a short 10-minute break than to study for 3 hours and have a longer break. This has to do with your concentration span, that lasts around 45 minutes for most people. Do not push it and take a short walk or get that coffee around the corner (but maybe don’t get caffeine every break 😉 ).  

3. Become an early bird

Maybe you don’t like to hear this, but in the morning you will be most productive. So plan smartly, and schedule the toughest subjects of your to do list in morning. Take a well-deserved rest in the afternoon and evening to make sure you will be up and running the next day! Even if you are not a morning person, it is proven that your brains are able to digest most information during these early hours!

4. To do list and activities

When you really have to pass that exam, you are likely to end up studying almost 24/7. To make sure you aren’t that stressed the last hours before your exam, make sure you set up a to do list and create your own deadlines. Besides that, it is important to plan some activities with family or friends. It is likely that you’ll be productive after enjoying a nice dinner, an evening of ice skating or going to the gym after a long day of studying.