It seems like a while ago, but we are just getting started with the new year. Did you also make New Year’s resolutions, and did you stick to them? If you didn’t succeed in keeping them up, read these tips on how to make sure your 2018 will be a healthy year, still starting this January! And don’t worry, they’re not as hard as you think (except for the last one)!

1. Drink lots of water

This is an easy start to a healthy lifestyle! It helps you to get rid of ‘waste’ in your body and gives your metabolism a boost! Besides that, drinking plenty of water will lead to less overeating! So make sure you drink at least 1,5 to 2 litres of water a day. And note: coffee doesn’t count 😉

2. Put on your favorite song

After a long day of studying and drinking lots of water, put on your #1 song. When you’re really feeling it and start dancing like no one is watching, you’re likely to burn a 100 calories every 20 minutes! No need for a gym, make your home the place to exercise together with your roommates while doing the dishes!  

3. Live, love, laugh!

We all know this slogan printed on pillows and paintings, but laughing is actually really healthy! Watch a funny movie, go to see a comedian that you like and you will make sure a little sixpack will appear in 2018!

4. Dry February

This last tip is a tough one for students: when the exams are over, you want to party! A lot of people try to keep their January ‘dry’, but what about the other months? It is actually easier to have a dry February, since that month is a few days shorter than January. That way, you have less days to count down, but you can still say you had a dry month without any alcohol! Win-win!