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We left 2017 behind, and now is the perfect time to make a fresh start in 2018. As a member of the MAA, you probably find it very important to expand your professional network. Which is a good intention. Now you only need to know how to do this successfully. Luckily, we have a very interesting event coming up which gives you the perfect opportunity for professional networking!

On January 17th you can join the MAA speeddate event. This event gives you the chance to be invited for a quick talk with a professional from one of the participating companies, who might even become your future employer. But how can you prepare for the event? In this blog, we provide some concrete advice.

Prepare yourself

Too many people are wasting their precious time by only saying ‘uhhh’ and ‘ahhh’. A good preparation is half of the work. So think ahead about things like: what do I want to know about the company I am speaking with? What do I actually want from them? But also: what are my main goals, advantages and disadvantages?

Make an elevator pitch

As we just made clear, a good preparation is important. Time is limited, so how can you use that time efficiently? The answer is: make an elevator pitch of yourself. A good elevator pitch has:

  • A stimulating opening
  • Takes a maximum of 40 seconds (about 100 words)
  • Is brought with passion
  • Ends with a question or engages the other person

Be active, not passive

Nothing is as awkward as a long silence in a conversation. To avoid this, do not wait until you get a question. Take the conversation into your own hands. Ask some questions yourself in case your discussion partner does not know what to say anymore. It also shows an active attitude, which comes across more positive than a passive one.

Always take your resume with you

It is important to take a resume with you. If you do not have something like that, make sure to leave your contact information. If a recruiter is interested in you, he or she will remember you sooner and knows how to get in touch with you.

Be clear about your expectations

Reflect on your own your expectations. It is good to promote yourself but remember: you come furthest in your career by being honest. Does a recruiter give you an offer that you do not like? Do not worry and just give some more explanation on your exact ambitions.

Good luck and we hope to see you at the event!

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