What involves the Vice-Chairman function? 

The Vice-Chairman is a function with multiple tasks, as the duties are divided in treasurer and secretary. You own the budget of the MAA and recruit all the MAAgical teams who are organizing our events during the year. This function requires a big responsibility and accuracy. My tasks differ a lot throughout the year, which is creating a versatile package of duties.

How do you manage the Vice-Chairman function?

As Vice-Chairman you are the right-hand of the Chairman. As it is my job to create and manage all the financial reports, I monitor various budgets from the committees and continuously stay informed of the benefits and expenses of the whole association. Besides, I’m responsible for the internal affairs, where tasks like the recruitment of all committees are of main importance. I manage all tasks concerning MAA members and alumni and make sure they stay updated by the monthly e-mails. Thereby, I send the official correspondence and during general and board meetings I act as notary. And last but not least, I am coordinating two committees: Careers Beyond Borders (this year we went to Lisbon!) and the Amsterdam Consultancy Group (last case was in the Concert Building Amsterdam!).

Why did you decide to become the MAA’s Vice-Chairman?

The four pillars of the MAA: management, communication, marketing and consultancy fit perfectly in my field of interest. Therefore, it seemed a great opportunity to develop new skills by running an entire organization with my fellow board members and at the same time expand my network to meet my future employer. The experience of being a board member gave me confidence about several skills I developed this year and gave me leadership qualities I can use forever. It’s a great step to kickstart your career!

What does a typical week of the Vice-Chairman look like?

During this part-time board year, I spend three days of my week at the MAA next to my Masters at the VU. To give you an idea of what my typical MAA week looks like, I described my agenda in the tabs below.


Every Monday we start with a meeting and lunch together with the board @ UvA, meeting room.


Meeting with a secretary of the Training & Development Committee, to discuss the registrations @ UvA, coffee corner.


Interview for a new committee member, together with another board member @ UvA, meeting room.


Calling all applicants for the new committee with the good or bad news @ UvA, board room.