12 different companies offered students the opportunity to meet with them during presentations, workshops, recruitment lunches, and network drinks. The Amsterdam Recruitment Event, organized for the first time, was a big success for participants and attending companies, as it gave all attendees  the chance to build their bridge to success.


The presentations offered great information about the company’s focus, industry, and product portfolio as well as USPs. Most importantly they emphasized on explaining in detail their current job opportunities, graduate programs, and internships which were valuable information for job seeking participants.

Danielle: “It was great to have the possibility to personally ask recruiters questions and get information about what they expect.”


Gabriel: “The presentations gave interesting information about the company and job opportunities.”


The recruitment lunches provided perfect opportunities to meet companies and recruiters in an informal setting and to personally and directly ask questions. You could not only ask questions yourself but also benefit from questions other asks, as the recruitment lunches were in groups.



Floris: “Great opportunity to interact with recruiters personally.”




The workshops revealed, besides more information about the companies, insights into the industries. Participants had the chance to experience real business cases and to see what working at the company would be like. This gave a good idea for the students, if they could imagine themselves working at that company or in that industry.


Wies: “The cases were a great chance to gain even better insights into the companies and relating industries.”


Tamar: “When I was at the ABN AMRO workshop it really shifted my perception of the banking industry, as I thought it would be pretty dry. But it was actually really fun.”

network drinks at the end of the event offered the chance to talk to recruiters personally and leave a lasting impression as well as receive more information about what they are looking for. We asked Vivian Mohr, Corporate Commercial Trainee at Friesland Campina (FMCG) and Anne Veerman and Ivan Brkic from ExpandOnline (Online Marketing Agency) what they are looking for  in future employees.

Vivian Mohr (Friesland Campina): “For our graduate program and entry level positions we are looking for different aspects, but the most important one is that the candidate has one unique, outstanding characteristic, that makes him or her rememberable.”


Anne Veerman and Ivan Brkic (ExpandOnline): “HAPPY & HUNGRY”


All in all, it can be said that this event achieved all of its goals, by offering insights into interesting and future oriented companies to students that are looking for an internship or a graduate position. A huge thank you to the Amsterdam Recruitment Committee for their organization and success of the event!

Make sure you don’t miss this event next year!

Written by Meike Behrens